I’m a part of the KDE Community for so long. A decade, well, something in between 10 and 12 years. Creator of the Kubuntu Google Plus site and Community, former part of the KDE Visual Design Group, designer of many small and awesome plasma themes.

I always was in love with KDE products (and I still am!) but something has changed. I’m now a gnome user.

But why? The reason is, while I love KDE Plasma, I’m frustradet about the „insular thinking“. (dont know if thats the correct translation for „Inseldenken“ xD)

So what do i mean? Let’s take the whole Server Side Decoration(SSD) Vs Client Side Decoration(CSD) topic. the result will be a new type: Dynamic Window Decorations (DWD). Who will use it? Some KDE Apps and thats it. there is no reason for Gnome to adopt this.

KIO, gosh please kill it with fire. The bad thing it that it is only usable in KDE apps and all other can not interact with kio-protocolls. Wich makes it hard to work with, when you’re using some GTK apps and libreoffice chromium. For example my nextcloud. I was in need to access it via webdav, wich is not a big deal with dolphin from work. And then edit some documents vith libreoffice, but Libra could not connect to them. So I had to download them first to my home directory and upload them after. Thats especially bad in situation where you wanna watch a movie via smb-share. There is no streaming, but you need to download 100% before its possible to start watching it – with kio.

Thats the sad reason why I’m now on GNOME. KDE Plasma is still a good desktop, but not state of the art..