With the next version of my cupcake snip series in my repo ( https://manjaro.fabi.sh ), the Java config will require gtk3 now. Thats because of Java9 and this thing -> http://openjdk.java.net/jeps/283

Enables Java graphical applications, whether based on JavaFX, Swing, or Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT), to use either the GTK+ version 2 or version 3 on Linux or Solaris.

By default, the JDK on Linux or Solaris uses GTK+ 2 if available; if not, it uses GTK+ 3.

To use a specific version of GTK+, set the system property jdk.gtk.version. This system property may have a value of 2, 2.2, or 3. You must set this property before your application loads GTK+, and it must not conflict with a GTK+ version that may have been loaded earlier by another toolkit.

So our Java will now finally use gtk3. The font rendering is SO MUCH better now. We just have to wait for openjdk 9 to come to our archives in a few days to month.