For quite some time, i’m manjaro user now. 🤔 I dont know how long exaclty. However for now i’m maintaining an important pkgbuil for it
yaourt -S mhwd-addon-amdgpu-hwe

Why’s this important?

Right now bot, „video-ati“ and „video-amdgpu“ are very basic. they dont bring hardwareaccelerated videodecoding and dont perform the way they could. there re 2 reasons for this. the first one is your xorg.conf „device“ section.

As video-ati/amdgpu user it will look like this

Section "Device"
    Identifier "Device0"
Driver "radeon/amdgpu"
BusID "PCI:1:0:0"
Option "DRI" "true"
Option "DRI" "3"


the problem is that this is completely broken. it will let you fall back to „DRI2“. with DRI2 for example „GLX_EXT_buffer_age“ is not supported. this is a extension that provides a more tearfree environment if supported by compositors.

So to make sure to have working DRI3 we fixed this in the manjaro-setting and it should work, when it hits stable. the fix is also included in my pkg.


Next there is something called „accellMethod“. Like the name mentions it, its they way how the „graphics“ on your display are accelerated. for newer Cards (HD7000 and up) this will be done with „glamor“. So OpenGL is used to „make“ you desktop fast. its a really good an gerneric way of doing things. Older cards use something other. i think it was EXA? I dont know and i dont care at all. Since all the modern hardware on AMD side can use openGL now, we can enable glamor for everyone, just by adding
Option "AccelMethod" "glamor"

to our xorg configuration. This is also in my pkg enabled by default and if nothing bad happens i will also try to get this into manjaros settings


Last thing for now is OPenCL and videoAccelleration with VDPAU and VAAPI (well… not exactly VAAPI, since we also use VDPAU for VAAPI). Its not enabled by default. You just have to install libva-mesa-driver libva-vdpau-driver mesa-vdpau opencl-mesa to make it work. So really easy to do.

For OpenCL i dont know if i really want to ship it in the default manjaro. Since it might crash some apps. OpenCL via Mesa is not the best one.


Beside to integrate this to Manjaro directly i also plan to improve things. like to bring in early support for GCN1.1 (and later 1.0) cards to AMDGPU, add the radeon-vulkan driver and maybe more.

So lets see how this will work out 😀